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Kaneen Morgan

Authentic. Compelling Content Creator. Spiritually Empowering.



Ghost Writer/Content Creator


Master Your Narrative (Your Story)

...and turn it around for the best.

The best writers, motivational speakers, brand creators (marketers), and storytellers are just that because their audience is immersed with the emotions and language of the person telling the story. They know how to speak to people's touchpoints.

Your business has an irresistible story to tell. Your life has a message that can impact others. Kaneen Morgan Enterprises (K.M.E.) will help you share your story and extend the narrative.

Meet The Content Creator Who Can Help Bring Your Book To Life

This is a brief overview of the life of Kaneen Morgan @ Kaneen Morgan Enterprises.  Kaneen Morgan is a Native New Yorker, Mom, Book Writing Coach, Organizational Leader, Publishing Consultant, Prophetic Writer (Ghostwriter), and an Empowerment Speaker.  She is an example of someone who has transformed hardships and obstacles of their life through writing and creating new thought processes of success. Her life story shows with learning the importance of renewing your mind daily, having just enough dedication, and the right mentors, you can pursue your dreams and turn your story (vision) into a reality. With experiences in Journalism, and an academic background in Business and Organizational Leadership, Kaneen’s passion for writing has led Kaneen to starting a writing company called “Kaneen Morgan Enterprises” (K.M.E.).  Whether you need an organizational leader to organize your vision, a ghostwriter to turn your ideas into a book, or a writing coach to guide you through a writing roadblock and spark inspirational ideas, K.M.E. is the one to work with. Today, Kaneen resides in Atlanta, GA, and where she passionately advocates on behalf of the youth that are in the foster care system

For over a decade, K.M.E. has been helping large and small businesses, spiritual leaders, speakers, non-fiction authors, and aspiring writers use their ideas and written materials to enhance their credibility, positioning, and profits.  Partner with K.M.E. and experience how together an amazing Write Experience can be created – an irresistible book that impacts lives, a blog or article post, or marketing piece that positions you as the authority and expert.

Kaneen Morgan Enterprises Is The Resource You Need To Build Your Message

Crafting words in the digital world and on paper for businesses and individuals.

Write Experience For Individuals

Writing books change people’s lives. It’s not just a thing to do. It’s the gateway to a whole new way of being and showing up in the world. It’s a valuable asset and powerful tool to establish authority and grow your business. It’s the way to raise your voice, claim your authority, and make an impact – a way to be in tuned and directly reach people's minds, spirit, to guide, and teach them through your knowledge and experiences.

There’s a book inside you and K.M.E.’s goal is to help you discover it and turn it into an impactful message and bestseller to accomplish your unique author intentions- even if you’re a bad writer, busy, stuck, or idealess.

Discover the story you were born to share! Not sure of where to start or how to make it happen? That’s where K.M.E. can help! Kaneen Morgan Enterprises writing services includes:

  • Ghostwriting
  • Prophetic (Inspirational) Coaching
  • Publishing Decisions
  • Creating a Writing System
  • Book Concept & Structure Development
  • Clarity & Direction
  • Name Analysis 
  • Book Cover Design
  • Publishing & Promoting
  • And More…

K.M.E. can help you develop writing and publishing strategies that will help you from start to finish.  K.M.E. can also connect you with publishing industry professionals that can help you with various aspects of the journey from editors to social media, marketing, and PR experts to web designers.   


Write Experience For Businesses 

Words matter. Kaneen Morgan Enterprises skills are intuitive, and K.M.E.’s passionate about business and writing while helping you thrive. 

When writing for businesses, there are many writing types and writers offering unique talents and specialties. Most business writers generally create well-researched and well-organized documents, which includes marketing content and copywriting required to sell and conduct business.

K.M.E.’s approach assists far more in simply writing content. It’s laying the creative groundwork, fostering relationships, team building, and measuring results for a successful outcome.

Kaneen Morgan Enterprises (K.M.E.) offers a wide range of writing services that include:

  • White Papers
  • Business Plans & Reporting
  • eBooks
  • Training Materials & Presentations
  • Technical Writing (Work Instructions, Manuals)
  • Policies and Agreements
  • Employee Communication

As independent business writers, K.M.E. work with subject-matter experts (client and third-party), and primarily rely on our own research, in addition to subject matter experts to ensure accuracy and consistency. Effective business communication is a strong foundation for business success and requires time, research, a well thought out writing plan and skilled writers. Clarity in all communication affects the bottom line and your consumers. K.M.E. offers a wide range of top-notch writing services for organizations so they can focus more on planning, strategizing, and profiting. 

Finding Your Way Book

Finding Your Way

A spiritual and inspirational guide to greatness. Rediscover your purpose and passion for life and get ready to show your amazing self to the world. 

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21 Questions To An Extraordinary Book 

21 questions for writing with clarity, in the zone, and a book outline template to create your book.

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Love Journal Kickstart

Love Journal Kickstart: Manifestation Moments for Your Glow-up Life is about journaling and focusing on your self-worth to create the life you deserve, and desire.  

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